Swiss Army Man

A suicidal man meets a dead body on an island and together they embark on an adventure.   
  • Starring: Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe
  • Director(s): Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
  • Producer(s): Miranda Bailey, Lawrence Inglee, Lauren Mann
  • Screenwriter(s): Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
  • Distributor: A24
  • Animal Coordinator: Bow Wow Productions
  • Release Date: Friday, June 24, 2016

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where the raccoon chews on man’s face and the actor chases it off, the trainer placed the raccoon on the ground. On action, the trainer used the beeper to call the raccoon to walk from point A to point B. The raccoon was then placed on a dummy and they placed treats on the dummy’s face so the raccoon looked like he was chewing the actor’s face. The raccoon was never placed on the actor. 

In the scenes with the bear, the bear was shot separately from the actors. There was never an actual campfire when the bear was working. They used a special light that simulated the fire. Production then placed a fake injured body on the set and released the bear from his trailer. Off-camera, the trainer cued the bear and the bear would grab the dummy and move it around. The trainer would also throw treats on the set to get the bear to move from a to b. 

The seagulls flying over the surface of the ocean were filmed in their natural habitat.