Stigmata (1970)

Stigmata is a drama about Toby Page, a young woman that suddenly has unexplainable episodes of being tortured by invisible forces. Father Andrew, from the Vatican, is sent to Boston to see if this woman is a hoax or not. What he finds could change the religious world forever.
Modified Certification

  Animal Action

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Release Date: January 1, 1970
Certification: Modified Certification

There are several scenes involving birds. In one scene a bird flies into a half-opened window. Toby picks up the dying bird holding it. For this scene a fake and real bird were used. The trainer placed the real bird in the actor’s hand for the shot of the bird dying. A fake bird was used for the segment of the bird hitting the window. The broken glass was candy glass. In another scene a bird flies into Toby’s apartment and then flies back out the window. For this scene, one trainer released the bird from the outside while the second trainer cued the bird with verbal commands and a food reward. The window was made out of Plexiglas. Then Toby is sitting on a window ledge feeding breadcrumbs to a few little birds. For this scene the actor merely feed the birds.