Knock At The Cabin (2023)

While vacationing at a remote cabin, a young girl and her two fathers are taken hostage by four armed strangers who demand that the family make an unthinkable choice to avert the apocalypse. With limited access to the outside world, the family must decide what they believe before all is lost.
Full Certification

  Animal Action

Poster for Knock At The Cabin
Knock At The Cabin
Release Date: March 13, 2023
Certification: Full Certification

In the scene where there’s a closeup of a grasshopper, prior to filming all grasshoppers were in holding. For this scene, production set up a frame on apple boxes with dirt, moss, and foliage. They filmed extreme close ups of one to three grasshoppers at a time. When ready to film, the handlers brought the grasshoppers to set. The trainer placed one grasshopper on foliage or dirt in the frame at a time. On action, the grasshopper performed its natural action.

When we see the little girl place grasshopper in jar, handlers were always nearby. Prior to shooting the actress was shown how to handle grasshoppers prior. Minimal grasshoppers used outside of jar scenes to help control them and not lose them. Natural action required from grasshoppers.