Jungle Cruise (2021)

Dr. Lily Houghton enlists the aid of wisecracking skipper Frank Wolff to take her down the Amazon in his dilapidated boat. Together, they search for an ancient tree that holds the power to heal.
Full Certification

  Animal Action

Poster for Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise
Release Date: July 30, 2021
Certification: Full Certification

In the scene where we see the actors in the village with the Conquistadors befriending the villagers and we see birds in cages and dogs in the background, prior to filming the trainers placed the birds in wicker cages and made sure they were placed in the shade and given water. Likewise for the dogs, the trainers placed treats on the ground to keep them on their marks. In that same sequence where we see Conquistadors leading horses through jungle with a cart, the horses were movie horses and well trained. Their trainer dressed as a soldier. The cart and cannon were fake and lightweight.

In the scene when the actors arrive in a train, get off and walk into a busy town and we see chickens and a horse and carriage in the vicinity, prior to shooting, the trainers place chicken feed in empty areas for the chickens to stay, The only two people driving the horses were the horses’ trainers in costume. They were both experienced drivers and the horses that did the crosses were experienced movie horses. The production ensured the horses had a clear path from the extras when doing their A to B crosses.

When the actor walks near the dock and we see a bird in a cage and a goat tied to a post in the background, the bird was handled by an exotic bird trainer. The bird was brought to set in holding cage and then held with a tether by head bird wrangler when not working on set. The two goats working on set were held by wrangler in costume by lead rope at all times while on set. The birds on and off set were kept clean and bedding was changed often.

When the two main actors walk through the crowded town and we see monkeys in a cage, guinea pigs in a cage, chickens in cages, a horse in the background and birds in cages, the monkeys were not real, they were created through CGI. Chickens were brought to set in plastic crates by wranglers and transferred to wooden crates on set. Parakeets were carried to set in a large wire cage and guinea pigs in several plastic airline crates and transferred by hand by wranglers to cages used on set in the scenes. All birds and guinea pigs were given food, water and were misted as needed in between takes. Horses were led to set with halter and lead rope and harness on and bridle was put on once horse was on set by wrangler.

In the scene where the actor walks on the dock and talks to the other actor with a parrot on his shoulder and someone fires a gun at the submarine, there was no gun fired while bird was on set. Prior to shooting the scene, the trainer placed the bird on the actor’s shoulder then stood next to the camera. The actor walked with the bird for twenty five feet, then stop at his mark.

In the scene where the actor talks to his cockatoo in his office, the bird handler held the bird on her arm and placed it on actor’s. the actor was instructed how to work with the bird before filming the scene. The trainer was behind the camera the whole time and rewarded the bird with nuts between takes.

In the scene were we see workers loading cages of birds in a boat off the docks, prior to shooting the scene, the pigeons were carried down to the docks in plastic transport cages and parakeets were carried to set in a larger metal cage. Food, bottled water and misters were carried down to docks with birds.

The tiger in the movie was created with CGI.

In the scene where the actress sits in the cage with birds, The actress was filmed separate from birds. They filmed the birds in the cage separately and made it look as if they were in the cage together in post production.

In the scene where the Conquistadors cross a waterfall pulling horses, this scene was shot on a stage. The set was in shade just outside a studio warehouse building. Footing was paved, but pavement was covered with blue carpet for the entire A to B path. A tall blue curtain was installed just behind the path and the horse was about 5′ from it as he walked. They added the image of the waterfall later with visual effects. The handlers together accompanied the horse on lead to set from the trailer with the horse already tacked up, except using a standard leather halter. The horse was led at a very slow walk by handler in costume. They did the same with the other horses.

In the scene where the actor holds a dead bird, the bird was fake, we have documentation from production.