Free Guy (2021)

A bank teller called Guy realizes he is a background character in an open world video game called Free City that will soon go offline.
Modified Certification

  Animal Action

Poster for Free Guy
Free Guy
Release Date: August 19, 2021
Certification: Modified Certification

In the scene when the actor wakes up in bed and there’s a goldfish in a bowl on the bedside table, the fish was kept in the aerated aquarium as long as possible until being transferred to the prop fishbowl, which was filled with the same treated water as the large aquarium. The bowl was aerated for a few minutes to make sure it had appropriate oxygen saturation while on set. The fish was kept in the bowl on set for less than thirty minutes before being returned to the aquarium which was filtered and aerated.

In the scene where the actors walk into a showroom and we see a horse and carriage next to a car, the horse was very well trained and accustomed to film sets, as well as carriages. The action was very minimal and only involved the horse standing still. A rubber mat was put in place for the horse to stand on for added traction and comfort. The horse was never hooked to the carriage, and the carriage was propped up on blocks for safety and so the horse didn’t need to hold the weight of the cab. Three experienced trainer/handlers were on set at all times.

Due to late notification and limited resources, American Humane Association did not monitor any of the dog action.

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