Milestones Since the Opening of the TV & Film Unit


American Humane’s Western Regional Office created a “stamp of approval” awarded to films committed to humane practices in filming animals.

Ronald Reagan hosted the first ever PATSY (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year) Awards from American Humane to honor outstanding animal actors. Jimmy Stewart presented an award to Molly for her work as Francis, the Talking Mule.



The U.S. Supreme Court disbanded the Hays Office, which gave American Humane its jurisdiction on movie sets. Although American Humane continued efforts to oversee productions, it was often banned from sets, and incidents of abuse, injury, and fatalities to animals used in movies and television escalated.



American Humane’s first “No Animals Were Harmed®” end credit was issued to the movie The Doberman Gang.



The public outcry over the callous disregard for animal safety and well-being during the filming of Heaven’s Gate resulted in the film industry reinstating American Humane’s authority to protect animals on set, through a contractual agreement with the Screen Actors Guild.



American Humane issued the first formalized Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media, covering all “sentient beasts.”



American Humane launched a website ( to provide filmgoers with movie reviews that describe how animal action was achieved, a ratings system, a mechanism for people to ask questions and raise concerns, and information for producers.



Launched the annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards™, a national campaign and nationally broadcast television special to honor the life-changing, life-saving work of our best friends.



Celebrated the 75th anniversary of American Humane’s Film & TV Unit with the release of the best-selling book, Animal Stars.



Launched new guidelines to ensure greater protection for kittens and puppies.


Hosted Animals in Entertainment Roundtable bringing together industry leaders to discuss best practices for safeguarding animals in filmed media.


Enacted new guidelines around horse falls to provide the highest level of protection.

Today, American Humane’s “No Animals Were Harmed®” program oversees the safety of some 100,000 animal actors each year on 1,000 film and television productions around the world. It is the only industry-sanctioned group to monitor the safety and humane treatment of animals in filmed entertainment.