Miracles From Heaven

A girl with a rare disease finds herself miraculously cured after surviving an accident.   
  • Starring: Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson
  • Director(s): Patricia Riggen
  • Producer(s): DeVon Franklin, TD Jakes, Joe Roth  
  • Screenwriter(s): Randy Brown
  • Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing
  • Animal Coordinator: Boone’s Animals
  • Release Date: Friday, March 11, 2016

Featured Animal Action

In the opening sequence of the film where we see shots of hogs, sheep, dogs, and cows on a farm, all of these animals were brought to the location by their trainers. The trainers made sure the animals had plenty of food, water and shade. 

In the scene where the family is having a BBQ and we see the man feed  the dog from the grill, trainers made sure the food was a small enough portion for the dog to eat. The dog was trained to follow the actor around and beg for food. 

In the scene where we see four dogs lying on the porch while the man talks on his cell phone, the 

In the scene where the man pulls a puppy out of a bag and gives it to his daughters, the trainer made sure the dog was placed inside the bag safely and the bag had a small opening prior to filming the scene. The dog was only in the bag for a few minutes at a time. 

In the scene where the actor and actress walk through the outdoor corrals and discuss their daughter’s health and we see horses in the background, trainers were off camera and inspected all the horses prior to filming the scene. 

In the scene where the actor is operating on a dog in the vet’s office, the dog was fake, an animatronic. A real dog was not used in this scene. 

In the scene where the little girls climb a tree and a dog barks at them from the ground, trainers cued the dog to bark at the girls once they were high enough in the tree. 

All the cows in the background were tied to the fences by their trainers. 

The butterfly in the trunk of the tree was created through CGI.